BEA 2014: Rotten Tomatoes Critics vs. Fans

Rotten Tomatoes took to BookCon to debate the ultimate question with the fans: book to movie adaptation—which is better? Brave fans were asked to step forward and defend their opinion of book-to-movie adaptations and which was better.

Why Your Inner Teen Should be Ecstatic About 2014: Young Adult Novel to Film Adaptations This Year

There is no doubt that Hollywood has found a working formula to draw in a big audience with adapted novels from the young adult genre, and we can definitely expect to see more and more of them in the coming years. Over 25 were released in 2013 alone, 2014 introduces even more book to movie offerings with an army of young adult novel adaptations.

Ender's Game Doesn't Live Up To Expectations

After years of planning Orson Scott Card’s beloved science fiction novel, Ender’s Game has finally made it to the big screen. While it didn’t meet the expectations of let’s say Harry Potter, it certainly wasn’t an Eragon.

New Ender's Game Stills

New Ender's Game Stills

The makers of Ender's Game released new photo stills detailing the living area of the characters, and an important character.