Review: "The Front Runner" Excels in Imagery, but Lacks in Depth

The Front Runner follows the turmoil and downfall of Gary Hart (Hugh Jackman) as he campaigns in the 1988 race for the White House, where Hart was the clear favorite to win the election before a series of scandals led to his withdrawal from the race.

Review: While 'A Boy Called Sailboat' Shines, 'The Etruscan Smile' Seems Unpolished

The Boston Film Festival showcases a wide variety of feature films, documentaries, shorts, and special TV presentations from all around the world, usually followed by Q&As with members of the production team and cast. On Friday night, the 34th Boston Film Festival offered up two solid showings about the healing powers of family and love.

Review: The Numbers Don't Add Up In 'The Accountant'

With the state of the current DC Cinematic Universe in shambles, it would seem that no one involved in those projects is safe from internet ridicule and a permanent stain on their career. Such is debatably the case with current Batman, Ben Affleck, whose recent role in Gavin O’Connor’s The Accountant had become a meme before it hit theaters. Though his performance is adequate, the film gives way to the expectations set by the Affleck “fans” of the web.

Review: 'Kung Fu Panda 3' Doesn't Pack the Same Punch

P.T. Philben ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer The third installment of a once successful franchise has a lot to...

Final Predictions For The 87th Academy Awards

The Oscar balloting deadline has passed, the winners are set in stone, and the ceremony is only a day away! So here are our final predictions for who will take this year’s Academy Awards!

Oscar Race: 'Birdman' Soars After PGA And SAG Victories

While nothing is set in stone yet, 'Birdman' is officially giving 'Boyhood' a run for it’s money by securing the PGA and SAG wins.

The Top Ten Best Film Performances (Male and Female) Of 2014

2014 was truly a spectacular year for actors and actresses, Emertainment Monthly looks back and ranks our choices for the year’s best performances.

'The Legend of Korra' Review/Recap: "Remembrances"

With only five episodes of 'The Legend of Korra' left, one thing that fans weren’t expecting from the most recent episode, “Remembrances,” was a clips episode. But that’s exactly what we got.

The Top Ten Best Television Villains

Anti-heroes aren’t going to cut it on this list. Although some television shows have numerous bad guys throughout the series, this list looks at the worst one from each.

'Whiplash' Review: Two Great Performances in a Heart-Racing Psychological Drama

The line between motivation and abuse become more difficult to make out in 'Whiplash' as a talented 19-year-old drummer, Andrew is pushed to the limits by his drill sergeant-like music instructor.

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