Review: 'Bombshell' Stuns with Golden Globe Nominated Performances

Bombshell, directed by Jay Roach, is centered around Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron), television commentator Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman), and associate producer Kayla Pospisil (Margot Robbie).

Review: 'Ford v Ferrari' Enters the Race to the Oscars

Ford v Ferrari, the latest movie from James Mangold, follows race car driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) and car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) as they try to build a Ford car that can beat Ferrari at the 24 hour Le Mans race in 1964. The struggle to build the perfect car comes with trial and error for Shelby, Miles, and their team as they face corporate pressure from Ford to succeed. Miles’ unconventional and sometimes unmanageable attitude leads the company to believe he shouldn’t drive at Le Mans, even though Shelby knows that Miles is the best man for the job. Although the film is advertised to be a battle to beat Ferrari, the real struggle is between Shelby, Miles, and the company as they try to construct the perfect car to win the race.

Review: 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Is Yet Another Disappointment In A Dying Franchise

Terminator: Dark Fate is the newest installment in the Terminator franchise. While being the sixth Terminator film to date, the film acts as a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day. With new director Tim Miller taking over, the story follows a mixture of old and new characters.

Review: 'Doctor Sleep' Shines as the Next Chapter in King's Saga

Doctor Sleep is a sequel to The Shining that is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name and is directed by Mike Flanagan. The movie is centered around an adult Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor) and a teenage girl, Abra Stone (Kyliegh Curran), who also has powers, called the shining. Meanwhile, a group of people called The True Knot, led by Rose The Hat (Rebecca Ferguson), travel cross country hunting and feeding on other kids who shine. When The True Knot discovers Abra, she and Dan use their powers to stay alive and try and defeat The True Knot.