The Adam Project Review

Charlie von Peterffy ‘24 / Entertainment Monthly Staff Writer The Adam Project is about a man, Adam Reeds (Ryan Reynolds),...

Review: 'Once Upon a Deadpool' Will Charm Old Fans, If Not, New Ones

When Fox released Deadpool in 2016, it was shocking to see a superhero movie that wasn’t family friendly. The sex-and-profanity-filled movie was considered a massive box office risk but turned into a runaway hit.

Review: 'Life' Has a Great Ensemble that Exceeds Expectations

Much like harboring a foreign and aggressive alien entity on an isolated space station, a sci-fi horror film without novelty can crumble from the inside.

2016 Golden Globes Snubs & Surprises

With so many fantastic films coming out this year, awards season was looking like anybody’s race. This week’s Golden Globe Nomination Announcement only added to the mystique, offering many shocking nominations as well as completely snubbing some films. Here is Emertainment’s list of this years biggest snubs and surprises from the Golden Globes!

Golden Globe Nominations: Marvel Outperforms Scorsese

When it comes to this year’s Golden Globe nominations, nothing is as it seems. Except for the stuff that is. While the Hollywood Foreign Press’ annual selection of nominees contains its fair share of snubs and surprises, the Moonlight-vs.-La La Land-vs.-Manchester by the Sea narrative continues to define this award season. There were some notable snubs (Scorsese? Jarmusch? The older Affleck brother?), but 2016 has been a great year for movies (if nothing else), and competition was stiff. Read on to see who will be appearing at Hollywood’s drunkest night, and how these nominations will affect the one award show you actually care about.

Review: 'Office Christmas Party' Is Funny But Not Fresh

Office Christmas Party as a movie is 1 on the binary scale. The story revolves around the tech company Zenotech’s Chicago branch, run by fun loving manager Clay Vastone (TJ Miller). There is trouble in paradise when Clay’s sister and Zenotech’s ruthless CEO/Scrooge architype, Carol (Jennifer Aniston), threatens to cancel Christmas bonuses and shut the branch down. The last hope for the office is to close a momentous business deal with a potential client Walter Davis (Courtney B. Vance). Mr. Davis is reluctant to do business with Zenotech, which has an infamous reputation due to Carol’s cut throat policies. Clay aims to convince him otherwise. To save the branch and close the deal, Clay and his employees must throw the wildest Christmas party of an epoch.

Review: 'Criminal' is a Criminal Waste of Talent

Kevin Costner stars as a convict with token tough guy name Jericho, who has the memories of a CIA operative (Ryan Reynolds in a glorified cameo) placed in his brain after the operative is killed in battle. However, Jericho does not just acquire the operative’s memories but his skillset as well.

'Deadpool': An Allegory For The Disabled

There are many reasons to go see Deadpool. Maybe you’ll see it for the potty-mouthed assassin making dick jokes while chopping people’s heads off. Maybe you’ll see it because you’re a longtime fan of the comics.

Review: 'Deadpool' Is a Profanity Filled Good Time

Scott Carney ’18 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer In recent years, the superhero movie has become a genre as prominent...

'Deadpool' Red Band Trailer Reaction

Making Deadpool “awesome” or “funny” doesn’t require any effort, because that was the reason the character was created. He cannot be bound down by plot, action, or pretenses of morality.

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