Boston Film Fest Review: ’No Greater Love’ Reveals the Harsh Realities of War

No Greater Love sets to show the real side of war, the real people in it, and the real effects war has on them. This film puts the viewer in the middle of Afghanistan with the soldiers, then brings them back home and sees the struggle of PTSD firsthand, and it’s truly horrifying and eye-opening.

Final Predictions For The 87th Academy Awards

The Oscar balloting deadline has passed, the winners are set in stone, and the ceremony is only a day away! So here are our final predictions for who will take this year’s Academy Awards!

Oscar Race: 'Birdman' Soars After PGA And SAG Victories

While nothing is set in stone yet, 'Birdman' is officially giving 'Boyhood' a run for it’s money by securing the PGA and SAG wins.

The Oscars: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, Who Should Have Been Here

The voting process of Academy members is a story for another day, but here I attempt to predict who I think will win, and who deserves to win Oscars.

How to Fix the Oscars

It didn’t take very long after the Academy’s announcement on Thursday morning for the world to be outraged by the 2015 Oscar Nominations nominations.

Review: 'American Sniper' Aims Small But Only Hits The Edge Of The Target

'American Sniper' stars Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, who was the deadliest sniper in American military history, and while it may take place during the war on terror, it is at heart a Western.