WandaVision Sets a High Bar for the MCU

Rachel Stern ‘21 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer The pushback of Black Widow due to COVID-19 resulted in a full...

Review – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Jake Bourke ’22 / Emertainment Monthly Video Game Writer To say Electronic Arts (EA) has been under scrutiny for the...

The Best Thing About 'The Mandalorian'

Jacob Wasserman ’23 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian.  My guess is if you’re clicking on this...

Review: 'No Sleep Til Christmas' is a Must See

Freeform is gearing up for the holiday season with original films added into their already classic 25 Days of Christmas...

10 Questions You Didn’t Know You Had About DuckTales

In a world filled with eighties nostalgia, 2017’s DuckTales reboot properly brings a beloved property back.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour: A Review

As a lifelong Kingdom Hearts fan, I was ecstatic to attend the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour on June 23rd in New York City.

Review: “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue”

Another year, another strangely titled Kingdom Hearts game that isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3.

Review: 'Finding Dory' Provides an Unforgettable Experience

While Finding Nemo showed the struggle of being a parent to a child with a disability, Finding Dory takes it a step further. Dory’s chronic amnesia is difficult to deal with, but not debilitating. The film not only shows how Dory can overcome it, but also how she uses it to her advantage.

Top 5 Beauty and the Beast Retellings

Beauty and the Beast has spawned a following since its first awakening back in 1991, and since then there have been numerous retellings of the tale as old as time. Here is a list of the top five retellings of Beauty and the Beast to read before the new Disney live-action film opens.

Review: 'The Jungle Book' is the Jungle VIP

The film, telling the story of young Mowgli’s (Neel Sethi) romps throughout the forest alongside his animal friends Baloo (Bill Murray) and Bagheera (Ben Kingsley), is a stunning and emotionally mature retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s tale as old as time.

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