Final Predictions For The 87th Academy Awards

The Oscar balloting deadline has passed, the winners are set in stone, and the ceremony is only a day away! So here are our final predictions for who will take this year’s Academy Awards!

The Oscars: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, Who Should Have Been Here

The voting process of Academy members is a story for another day, but here I attempt to predict who I think will win, and who deserves to win Oscars.

Justice For 'The Lego Movie,' And Other Snubs Of The 2015 Academy Awards

Maybe it’s because Academy Awards race was so tight (particularly in the Best Actor category), but there seems to be a pretty significant amount of snubs this year. Here are some that seem to be the most controversial.

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The Golden Globes Nominations have been announced and 'Birdman' leads the film race with 7 nominations.

Review: Jake Gyllenhaal Stuns in Pulse-Pounding, Psychological 'Nightcrawler'

'Nightcrawler' is steeped in darkness and cynicism, giving a view of humanity that is at once brutal and comical.

Why Wolverine Needs to Stay Dead (and How It Would Help X-Men Comics)

As much of the comic-reading world is aware by now, Wolverine has been marked for death, allegedly “for real this time” in the four issue mini-series Death of Wolverine along with various tie-ins.