'Game of Thrones' Review: "Eastwatch"

Kyra Power ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Contributor This season of Game of Thrones has a difficult task: progress to a point...

'Game of Thrones' Recap: "The Spoils of War"

Kyra Power ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Contributor This week went from what seemed to be a slower episode to a crazy intense...

'Game of Thrones' Recap: "Dragonstone"

Kyra Power ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer Spoiler Warning: This recap contains spoilers for episode 1 of Game of Thrones season 7. It’s...

'Game of Thrones': Who Will Die Next?

Game of Thrones, the acclaimed television series based on George R. R. Martin’s ongoing novel series, plays a lot like C-Span meets Gladiator. This article will contain SPOILERS, so if you are not caught up, you have been warned.

Review: 'God of Egypt' Is A Literal Mixed Bag

Neil R. Feeney ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer It’s not common that a film comes around that is truly...

'Game of Thrones' Finale Review

The season 5 finale of Game of Thrones was everything you’d expect. There was a war, lots of nakedness and four main character deaths. Let’s start with the war.

"Game of Thrones" Recap/Review: “Breaker of Chains”

Fans of "Game of Thrones" certainly didn’t have to wait long to see how the crowd reacted to last week’s dramatic (and jubilant) murder of Joffery Baratheon.

"Game of Thrones" Review/Recap: "Two Swords"

Last season’s opening scene of Game of Thrones was bitter, cold, and brutal as the White Walkers caught up with the Night’s Watch. This season began with fire and all the trademark brutality that Game of Thrones viewers have come to know and love.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer Analysis

With HBO’s Game of Thrones at its peak of popularity, fans have been going crazy waiting for Season 4 even without an air date in sight. But the past week was a frenzy, with the announcement that audiences would be returning to the lands created by George R. R. Martin on April 2nd, 2014. A trailer was also released with the airdate... here is an analysis of what is to come in season 4.

The Academy of Television Arts & Science Present: An Evening with Game of Thrones

Isabella Loskutoff  ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Editor Game of Thrones has quickly risen from a virtually unknown series to one...

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