Ten Movies That Should Be TV Series

Emertainment Monthly lists the ten movies we would like to see converted to TV series in the coming years.

The Top Ten Best Television Villains

Anti-heroes aren’t going to cut it on this list. Although some television shows have numerous bad guys throughout the series, this list looks at the worst one from each.

"Once Upon a Time" Review/Recap: "Witch Hunt"

The long awaited reveal of Once Upon a Time’s newest villain finally played out this week, and she did not disappoint. The Wicked Witch, played by actress Rebecca Mader, is the newest enemy on the show this season. That’s right: Even Oz comes to play in Once Upon A Time, along with brooms, witch hats, and flying monkeys.

Top 5 Reasons To Marathon "Orange is the New Black"

Orange is the New Black is the new black. It’s a must see show right now and is easily the most addicting thing to watch. This isn’t Netflix’s first original content, but it is definitely one of it’s best.